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Founded: 1999

Celebrating over 15 years since our beginning as pioneers in Streetwear & Urban Apparel. Hood Hustla Streetwear continues to be inspired by hip hop culture; the music, the grind, the struggle, the entrepreneurial spirit that is derived from self-preservation and the celebration when you no longer have to struggle!


“Ad Astra Per Aspera” is Latin for "To the stars through difficulties”. We are not judged on the challenges we face but how we overcome them!


The natural progression its founders have taken as men… “From Ashy to Classy” could not be depicted in a single collection. Hood Hustla has expanded to include collections reflective of the multiple phases of our lives.


From our grassroots brand “Hood Hustla” birthed on the streets of 7 mile, Rouge Park & Belle isle. Saluting and empowering women through “Lady Hustla”. Showing love for our city in a fashionable way with “Throwback Detroit”. Celebrating our achievements and enjoying spoils of war through “Critically Acclaimed”.


This ain't no “Lifestyle” or “Movement”. Just good, quality clothing derived from hip-hop culture, reflective of our city and the “Hustle” that lives within us!


The only brand that is truly “From Ashy to Classy” J.Bradley Apparel!


"Do What You Gotta Do!"





In Short (RIP), we are Doing What We Gotta Do!



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